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Web accessibility means that people with disabilities and those who are unable to use a mouse can access web content. For instance, blind persons using technical devices (refreshable Braille display) and software (screen-to-speech software) can understand the informational content of web pages. It also makes web browsing easier for persons with reduced mobility.


In compliance with the Québec government standards for web accessibility Link to a new window., this site applies the transitional measures for existing websites. Due to the current structure of the Management of Québec government copyrights website, it is not possible to apply the standards in their entirety; a complete redesign of the site is necessary (as defined in the fourth paragraph of section 25 of standard SGQRI 008-01).

The objective of Les Publications du Québec is to make this website entirely accessible at the time of the next redesign.

Validation tools

To ensure compliance of the Management of Québec government copyrights website with the Québec government’s standards for accessibility, the following technologies were used:

  • Browsers
    • Internet Explorer 8
    • Firefox 10
    • Chrome 16
  • Screen reader
    • NVDA
  • Additional tools
    • Juicy Studio Accessibility Toolbar 1.7 for Firefox
    • NoSquint 2.1.5 for Firefox
    • Firebug 1.9.1 for Firefox
    • Web Developer Toolbar 1.1.9 for Firefox

Description of icons

Below is a list of icons on the site along with their function:

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Downloadable documents

Downloadable documents subject to these standards will eventually be adapted to make them accessible according to the timetable for implementation.

Les Publications du Québec cannot guarantee the accessibility of some third-party content that is not subject to these standards.


If you need assistance while browsing our website, if you cannot access certain content with computer adaptation technologies, or if you have trouble completing the forms on the website, contact us by email Link to a new window. or call us at 418 646-1000 # 2860.